About Us

S -uun (u is the sound in put ) - dha (sounds like the) - raa

Sundara(सुन्दर) is a Sanskrit term meaning "beautiful or lovely."


I'm Sonali, the founder of Sundara Jewelry, where my passion for jewelry has culminated in a collection inspired by my Indian heritage and personal experiences.

In Indian culture, flowers hold profound significance, used not only as sacred offerings but also prominently featured in wedding traditions. During these celebrations, brides adorn themselves with meticulously handcrafted fresh flower jewelry, a tradition that moved me. Witnessing these ephemeral pieces discarded after the ceremony saddened me.

Driven by this inspiration, I set out to create jewelry that captures the essence of these fleeting moments yet endures through time. Our pieces elegantly combine traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design, featuring real preserved flowers that offer both beauty and longevity.

It's my heartfelt desire that wearing our earrings brings you not only beauty but also the joy of feeling "sundar."